Physical Medium Stewart Alexander Publishes Memoirs

IT’S NOT everyday that a Spiritualist book is published by a world renowned physical medium. As such, I was delighted to receive Stewart Alexander’s Memoirs recently and have spent many a happy hour savouring the treasure trove of anecdotes and thought provoking views expressed therein.

Stewart Alexander has been involved with Spiritualism for over 40 years, firstly …

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Video Of The Month

Alan Crossley was one of the foremost experts on physical mediumship. In this revealing video he talks about his amazing experiences with Helen Duncan and Alec Harris.


Article of the Month

The Sceptics Regard Us As Nothing But Fools

By Michael Prescott

In SEVERAL online essays, I’ve written about my interest in paranormal phenomena. The topic is always controversial. Despite massive evidence to the contrary, some people continue to maintain that no such phenomena exist. Those who hold most tenaciously to this opinion characterize themselves as “sceptics.”

Now, as has been frequently pointed out, this use of the term “sceptic” is more than a little misleading. In common usage, a sceptic is someone who maintains an open mind, insisting on evidence for any claim. The more unusual the claim, the more stringent the evidential demands. According to this view, the sceptic has no private agenda, no personal bias, but serves only as a guardian of the truth, who weeds out unsupported allegations and superstitious imaginings. The sceptic is the proverbial Missourian; though willing to be convinced, he says, “Show me.”

That’s the theory. In practice, things are different. Far from being a state of habitual open-mindedness, today’s scepticism is characterized by resistance to any new ideas or new evidence, and unwillingness to critically examine its own biases. These tendencies, in turn, rest on a very definite agenda, promoted by a clear and comprehensive worldview, a philosophy …

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Recent News

Borley Experts To Present Reappraisal In SPR Lecture

Authors Paul Adams, Eddie Brazil and Peter Underwood will be presenting the results of their reappraisal of the material relating to the famous Borley Rectory case in a lecture to be held at the Society for Psychical Research next month.

The lecture, entitled The Borley Rectory Companion, will commence at 6.35pm and end at approximately 9.00pm on December 11th.

Much of the material they will be discussing will be presented in their forthcoming book The Borley Rectory Companion – The Complete Guide to the ‘Most Haunted House in England.’

It will …

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Cardiologist Pens Book About Near Death Experiences

Critically acclaimed author Dr  M.S. Rawlings, author of Beyond Death’s Door and To Hell and Back, has just released his latest publication, Where Are You Going? (paperback, 978-1-60477-853-3) through Christian self-publisher Xulon Press.

Rawlings, a leading Chattanooga-based cardiologist who himself was resuscitated following a heart attack, had originally been an agnostic and a cynic. But something happened to him that changed his life. While applying CPR on a patient who was screaming that he was in hell, the author watched as the “transforming power of Jesus Christ came upon the …

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