Spirit Communication At Devon Seance

By Louise Dobson

I have sat in circle to develop clairvoyance at the Newton Abbot Spiritualist Church in Devon for over two years now, and felt blessed that I had the opportunity to sit with physical medium Stewart Alexander, for what would likely be his last public demonstration.

It was particularly poignant for me since the last time he demonstrated at the Newton Abbot Church in November of 2007, I met my absolute soul mate, who had flown over from New York, just to attend the séance. What a joy then, to be sitting there with him again, almost a year later.

Before entering the séance room, we all emptied our pockets and removed all jewelry. We were then thoroughly searched in order to make sure that absolutely nothing was brought into the séance room. The spirit people that come through Stewart use ectoplasm to materialize and speak, and it is well known that if ectoplasm is exposed to light, it can shoot back into the medium’s body at great speed potentially causing internal bleeding or even death. It was of paramount importance to keep Stewart as safe as possible at all times.

The sitters were then addressed by a gentleman named Alf, who was one of Stewart’s circle members. He explained to the new sitters that we would be sitting in complete darkness for an extended period of time. He gave sitters who had never attended a physical séance before, the opportunity to leave if they thought they could not tolerate sitting under these conditions. Whilst a couple of new sitters acknowledged that they were somewhat apprehensive, the atmosphere of the room was full of eager anticipation and excitement. He explained what was likely to happen, but offered no guarantees, then discussed the do’s and don’ts of séance protocol. Stewart sat in the chair, his arms and legs bound firmly by plastic cable ties.


These were thoroughly checked by one of the sitters. He also had illuminated stripes taped to his knees so the sitters could see in the darkness his location and what position he was in. It was confirmed by some of the sitters that these cable ties were very secure. There was no reason whatsoever to suspect any type of fraud or anything remotely suspicious.

White feather was the first spirit to come through, a Native American Indian who noted how exceptionally good the energy was. He acts as a gatekeeper between our two worlds. White feather then withdrew to allow Christopher to come through. He is a charming young boy of about seven years, whose job it is to relax the sitters. His high pitched, impish voice and cheeky laughter had us all laughing and helped to raise the vibration in the room even higher. He joked with several sitters but he was instructed after only a few minutes by his spirit team that he had to withdraw. Music was then played and we all sang. A short time later, a gentleman named Walter Stinson came through. He was a Canadian who passed over to the spirit world in 1911.

He is a member of Stewart’s spirit team and is responsible for all physical phenomena that may take place during a séance. He is a powerful character and is known to be rather flirtatious with the ladies. He invited any ladies to ask him a question and one of the sitters was invited to sit beside him on his right side. After addressing the questions she had for him, he requested that the red light be switched on, which was located under a glass topped table located in front of the medium. There was a rheostat controlling the intensity of the red light and this was switched on in order to allow everyone to see the two plastic binds connecting Stewart’s arms to the chair. The sitter also confirmed this by touching the ties and checking them to make sure that they were still binding Stewart to the chair.

Evidential Demonstration

The red light was then switched off and there was a noise. The sitter then said that the arm was raised swiftly up into the air. Stewart’s arm was free from the plastic cable ties that bound him to the chair. His left arm was still firmly attached to the arm of the chair by the cable tie. This was an evidential demonstration of matter through matter. The red light was switched off and the audible ectoplasmic rush was heard again. A sitter then confirmed that the arm was back on the armrest bound like before. The red light was again turned on and everyone could see the arm fastened to the chair by the cable ties once again. Stewart Alexander was in trance whilst all this was happening and all direction and instructions were from Walter.

We were then instructed by Walter to lay our hands with palms uppermost on our laps. The trumpets were placed between the feet of the medium and we were invited to sing in order to help raise the energy levels again and increase the vibration in the room. We could see two trumpets levitate and swiftly dance around the room at great speed never bumping into one another. They danced over the heads of the sitters. It should be noted that the ceiling was at least 30 foot high and they were flying right to the ceiling and darting down again very quickly.

Dr Barnett, another member of Stewart’s spirit team who is very philosophical, also came through to speak with us. Next came Freda Johnson. She reunited two sitters with loved ones. It was very emotional for those concerned, as well as everyone else in the room. One of the ladies sitting to the right of me was aware of her son who had passed over and was trying to get through. He was experiencing some difficulty and was invited by Freda to speak to her later after the séance had ended. Stewart would attempt again to bring him through in a private sitting. The other sitters remained in their seats after the séance and the lady was invited through to a small ante room with Stewart. She returned obviously very emotional and confirmed that her son had spoken to her.

Materialized Hand

Walter Stinson’s voice spoke again and invited the ladies once again to ask him a question. I asked a question and to my surprise and delight, he asked me to join him at the front of the room at the glass top table. He answered my question which was relating to how I might best serve the world of spirit and then asked me if I would like to view his materialized hand. I sat opposite him with the illuminated glass topped table between us. The energy was palpable as I sat down and my legs started to shake uncontrollably. I was asked by Walter to place one hand on the table and describe to the other sitters what I saw. An undefined black shadow started to form to the left of the table and slowly started to morph with slight projections. The projections elongated and became finger like, and then a fully formed claw like male looking hand materialized.

The materialized hand crawled across the table onto my hand, and proceeded to pat it three times. It felt warm to the touch and exactly as a normal human hand would look. I could even see the hairs on the back of the hand. It then proceeded to knock the table firmly and loudly which was met by audible exclamations of amazement by my fellow sitters. I feel totally blessed to have experienced this amazing phenomena. Walter spoke to me in his distinctive Canadian brawl and asked “Didn’t you ever want to shake the hand of a man who had been dead for more than a hundred years now, ma’ am, hmm?” Everyone found this very amusing and I for one was buzzing from the whole experience. I kept asking myself how many people in the world have had an experience like this. How lucky am I? I can confirm that this was not the hand of the medium, Stewart Alexander. If this wasn’t enough, he then asked for my new found soul mate Ken to come up. Out of all the sitters the two of us were seated opposite this amazing man from the spirit world, waiting in anticipation for the next demonstration. He then invited Ken’s “betrothed” to sit next to him. Ken and I had discussed getting married however had not made any formal plans or announcements yet so to have someone from the spirit realms acknowledge our intent rendered us totally speechless.

I was unable to respond since I was so overcome with emotion. I recognized Sheila’s voice, one of the administrators of the church call out “She is already there”! Ken was positioned opposite Walter and he invited another female sitter named Heather to sit to the left of the medium. We were then invited to place our hands flat on the table with our thumbs touching and our little fingers touching that of our neighbors. The table started to move, pushing against my knees quite firmly. It then moved backwards and forwards and proceeded to levitate. We all sat there mystified. All of us aware that we couldn’t possibly have lifted the table with both hands flat on the table ourselves. We were then invited to take our seats again.

Ken was addressed again by Walter and he stated “Ken, you are not going to believe what is in store for you in the future!” He did not elaborate on this but filled us both with eager anticipation. He also said “When your big day arrives, and you KNOW what I mean by this, will I be invited?” He was relating to our aspirations of getting married. After the séance, Ken and I discussed the odds of how many weddings there had ever been when someone from the world of spirit asked if they could attend. When the time is right, we will of course be inviting Walter, and know FOR SURE that he will be there in spirit.


What a totally amazing evening. One that the two of us will remember for eternity, made so very special by the personal messages. It was my third demonstration of physical mediumship and my second demonstration of ectoplasmic, materialization mediumship, and I can say that with absolute certainty that I never, at any time, suspected any type of fraud taking place. It has confirmed my knowingness, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that our soul and our etheric spirit body are eternal, and that we all survive physical death.

I want to take this opportunity to express my sincerest thanks and praise to Stewart Alexander for his hard work and tireless dedication over the years, in developing his gift and demonstrating it publically, and in bringing the two worlds together and unwittingly two very, very happy people that otherwise, would never have met.

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  • Brendon

    November 10th, 2008 at 7:18 am

    What a fascinating account! Particularly interesting was the account of the materialized hand. However, I’m confused about the description. Louise said “fully formed claw like male looking hand”. If it was claw like, how did it look male? Be interesting to get further details about this – not a criticism.

    Is Stewart capable of producing full form materializations? If a hand can be formed, why not a full body? This has always made me wonder. Is is something to do with not having the required amount of ectoplasm?

    What if two mediums sat together? Or is the lack of ectoplasm down to the particular sitters? Saying that, I don’t think Duncan, Harris et al had this problem so I’m probably way off there.

  • louise dobson

    November 10th, 2008 at 1:33 pm

    It was as if the hand was contorted by rheumatism but definately human

  • Brendon

    November 10th, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    Thanks Louise. That is interesting. Was the hand contorted all the time you were watching it? If so, I wonder what would be the reason for the contortion? Was Walter a victim of rheumatism while alive or is there some other reason for this peculiarity.

  • Natalie

    November 10th, 2008 at 7:44 pm

    Thank you for such a wonderful account Louise! You are so lucky to have witnessed what you did. I have attended several of Stewart’s seances in the past and must say every one of them was special. You can literally feel the love in the room. I never wanted them to end!

  • Louise Dobson

    November 10th, 2008 at 10:33 pm

    Yes the hand was contorted all of the time that I was watching it. Unsure if he was a victim of rheumatism but would be interesting to find out.

    Thankyou for your kind words. This particular seance lasted nearly 3 hours and I never wanted it to end. I am sure it lasted so long because of the beautiful energy in the seance room.

  • Ken

    November 12th, 2008 at 1:53 pm

    I was seated at the table with Louise when Walters hand materialized, made a fist, and banged loudly on the glass table three times. He banged on it so hard that I was fearful that he was going to break the glass. It was definitely a male looking hand and had the appearance of one that had moderate to advanced rheumatoid arthritis with inflamed knuckles and associated joint deformities. My eyes were twelve to fourteen inches away from the hand and it was as real as any hand that I have ever seen.
    It was truly the experience of a lifetime and absolute proof of survival and the power of spirit.

  • Thomas

    November 18th, 2008 at 9:58 am


    Did Walter offer any explanation as to the reason the hand had a deformed appearance?


  • Brendon

    November 18th, 2008 at 5:19 pm

    Thank you for the clarification Ken. Since the hand actually banged the table and made a fist I think the explanation of a fake hand can be dismissed.

  • L. Kosta

    November 18th, 2008 at 6:20 pm

    Let me first say that I’m a skeptic of materialzation claims and the like. However, I’m not here to cause any folks offence, just point out where my doubts are so to speak. I have read up a lot about this so do know the history of this physical mediumship.

    Ken says the hand banged upon the table and Brendan says that this fact prevents the idea of fraud. However were the medium’s hands controlled at this time? What about those folks sitting near him, were they being controlled?

    I think it is very easy to jump to conclusions about what happens without thinking through other possibilities.

  • admin

    November 18th, 2008 at 6:31 pm

    L. Kosta,

    I appreciate your point of view is a sceptical one and we are all entitled to our points of view. I will allow your comments to stand as they were made in a respectful manner.

    However, any insulting or derogatory remarks made by yourself or any other sceptics towards either Stewart or the sitters will not be published on this website.


  • Jon Donni

    November 19th, 2008 at 8:25 am

    “It was definitely a male looking hand and had the appearance of one that had moderate to advanced rheumatoid arthritis with inflamed knuckles and associated joint deformities”

    Erm why would a spirit hand have PHYSICAL ailments like rheumatoid arthritis?

    The fact that the hand was warm, and even had hairs on it suggests it was really a living hand.

    Seriously guys this stuff was debunked a hundred years ago.

    Everything described can be replicated.

    Truly ridiculous.

    TURN THE LIGHTS ON! Its that simple.

    Use an infra red camera.

    And no silly arguments about infra red affecting the medium or the ectoplasm, as any scientist can tell you that infra red light is EVERYWHERE.

    I really do despair sometimes.

    EVERYONE come join BadPsychics.com join our forum, and i will explain how every trick performed in these seances is done.


    I have edited out your insulting and defamatory comments. You are entitled to your views, and I have no problem in allowing sceptical comments to be published as long as they are respectfully and politely made. However, when debating issues such as this, crass insults and libellous allegations will not be tolerated.

    “I will explain how every trick performed in these seances is done.”

    You have never been to a seance, have you? So how do you know the actual specifics and conditions these ‘tricks’ are performed under? Strange then, that you feel yourself knowlegable enough to “know” how they are done!

    Sceptics are very fond of saying they can explain how the occurences of the seance room are manifested. In some cases they are correct – there have been fraudulent mediums such as Lamar Keene.

    However, as far as I’m aware no sceptic has ever put on a ‘seance’ and duplicated the exact same phenomena, under the exact same conditions as Stewart.

    If you can duplicate it – then DO IT! It’s very easy to sit there and say you can – why don’t you show us? You are always asking for mediums to prove their claims; well, I’m asking for you to prove your claim.

    There was the Derren Brown ‘seance’ a few years ago – but that was rather laughable. All it showed were assistants behind the sitters moving things about.

    Sorry, no comparison!

    So Jon – either put up or shut up.


  • Peter

    November 19th, 2008 at 2:07 pm

    The spirit people that come through Stewart use ectoplasm to materialize and speak, and it is well known that if ectoplasm is exposed to light, it can shoot back into the medium’s body at great speed potentially causing internal bleeding or even death. It was of paramount importance to keep Stewart as safe as possible at all times


    So are there any documented incidents where someone has been seriously injured or killed by ectoplasm?

    Or is this just a great excuse so you don’t have to turn the lights on?

    I think this excuse was invented before night vision cameras were invented.

  • Jon Donni

    November 19th, 2008 at 6:24 pm

    Have you not heard of Richard Wiseman?
    He done seances like this.

    Paul Daniels and many magicians have done spirit cabinet tricks over the last 100 years.

    Former MH historian does these exact type of seances as part of a magic act.

    Contact him and ask him, he can replicate 100% every trick Stewart Alexander or Warren Caylor does.

    I dont need to prove any claim, many others have already proved it.

    And whathappened to you Simon anyway just a few months ago you were stood side by side with me demanding these people prove their claims.

    All they need to do is use an infra red camera, we KNOW AS FACT that infra red cant hurt a medium, it is totally unscientific to sugest it would since infra red light is EVERYWHERE! lol

    Come on Simon,you were fighting these people just a while ago, what happened?

    Did you get conned again?

    Do i need to remind you of your Turoff obsession. lol

  • admin

    November 19th, 2008 at 8:32 pm

    Have you not heard of Richard Wiseman?

    The same Richard Wiseman whose paper – Can Animals Detect When Their Owners Are Returning Home? An Experimental Test Of The “Psychic Pet” Phenomenon – has been discredited due to the use of flawed data?

    “Wiseman made his experiment up as he went along, his analysis was specious, and his presentation of the facts so obviously misleading…”
    Robert McLuhan

    Yeah, I’ve heard of Richard Wiseman, Jon!

    He done seances like this.

    Oh, he has? So, he has exactly duplicated the exact same phenomena under exactly the same conditions? Ok, very interesting. Please give more details of this exact duplication so I can check.

    Or by “like this”, do you mean an assistant stood behind the sitters and waved something in the air?!

    Which one is it?

    Former MH historian does these exact type of seances as part of a magic act.

    “Exact type of seances”? Oh really? He performs his magic act in a small room with all the sitters’ chairs against the wall, for example, does he?

    Or is this “exact type of seance” performed on a stage with trap doors, hidden wires and hidden assistants etc?

    C’mon Jon, admit it… You are presenting fraudulent claims here, aren’t you?!

    Paul Daniels and many magicians have done spirit cabinet tricks over the last 100 years.

    And because Paul Daniels can use trap doors and secret assistants etc. on a stage it means completely different phenomena produced under completely different conditions are fake?

    I like your blurry logic!

    I dont need to prove any claim, many others have already proved it.

    Stop backtracking. You said:

    I will explain how every trick performed in these seances is done.

    Quite a claim since you have no first hand knowledge of the conditions and restrictions of the seance room Stewart works in.

    You are basically saying you know how a ‘trick’ is done without having the slightest clue as to if it would be possible for the particular trick to be performed in the first place.


    Stop living in fantasy land Jon and back up your claims with hard evidence. Your generalisations and empty assurances carry no weight whatsoever.

    I’ll repeat to you again, and for the last time:

    Give me a direct source to a seance in which a magician has produced the exact same phenomena under the exact same conditions and the exact same restrictions as Stewart.

    If you cannot, then cite a magician who is willing to duplicate a seance under the criteria mentioned above.

    Quoting Paul Daniels’ stage performances is patently ridiculous.

    Your claims are clearly erroneous, flawed, misrepresentative and completely and absolutely unproven.

    Again: Put up or shut up, Jon.

    And what happened to you Simon anyway just a few months ago you were stood side by side with me demanding these people prove their claims.

    That was in regard to Victor Zammit and his ridiculous claims regarding David Thompson. I have not changed my view.

    I requested Zammit provide evidence for his claims – just as I request you back up your claims with evidence.

    Sadly, I’m still waiting on both counts…


  • Tom Harrison

    November 20th, 2008 at 2:24 am

    Hello Simon.

    May I refer these ‘magicians’ to my recent edition of ‘Life after Death – Living Proof’ which covers my own experiences of materialisations in our Home Circle with my mother Minnie as the medium.

    I met over 1500 materialised Spirit people in good red light, over aperiod of 7/8 years, and can assure them all there was no ‘faking’. There was no motive for fraud – guest sitters were never charged a penny. My book is available from Amazon. Keep up the good work Simon.

    For your info, I am now living in Spain and passed the 90 mark last August but clearly remember the wonderful phenomena we had over 60 years ago.

  • Ken

    November 20th, 2008 at 8:43 pm


    I did not ask Walter why the hand appeared somwhat deformed. It was likely the state his hand was in when he transitioned to the spirit world. During the entire seance, Stewart’s hands were both firmly bound to the chair with very strong plastic cable ties that can only be removed with wire cutters or a very, very sharp knife.

    When the hand materialized, both Louise and Heather (I believe that was her name) were holding hands with Stewart. The spirit team dematerialized the cable ties so the girls could hold hands with Stewart while the hand materialized and rematerialized them after the demonstration. Stewart was in trance during this demonstration of matter through matter and the materialization of the hand.

  • Ken

    November 20th, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    With all due respect, I believe that you are playing devil’s advocate because you want people to convince you that the materialization phenomenon is real. That’s the easy way. We don’t have to convince you.

    You don’t want to do the research on your own, for whatever reason. I know that it is very, very difficult to believe because it is so incredibly amazing and such a life altering experience but it is absolutely real. I sat at the table and witnessed it all and I know with absolute certainty that it is all real. I would suggest that you read a couple of books about life after death and I know that you will eventually accept that it is real once you review a portion of the mountains of evidence. Everyone wants to be spoon fed. It human nature and the easy way.

    We are all lazy. I understand that. Realize though, that this is by far the most valuable information that you will ever receive. Do a little homework. Do some reading and some research on your own. There are plenty of great books out there on the subject. Go on line and by a book “On the Edge of the Etheric” by Arthur Findlay. I promise you, that book will change your life profoundly and permanently. My first life after death book was by Harold Sherman.

    I paid $.40 (that’s forty cents) for it in a used book store in Texas. That book change my life forever. After reading just that one book, I knew for sure that we all survive death. Since then, I have read about forty more and I am just getting warmed up. There are so many great books on the subject, so many. This information can help so many people. The amount of information on the subject is almost unlimited! Just seek and you shall find. Look what’s at stake.

    You, (and the rest of us as well) will be taking a trip that will last trillions and trillion of years and you have made no preparation whatsoever. Have you ever thought to yourself “what if they are right”? Oh my God! Think about it! Explore it now before it’s too late. It’s better to err on the side of caution. Would you agree? You have nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain.

  • Warren

    December 10th, 2008 at 1:33 am


    Good evening everyone

    It is rather attractive why the skeptics get so wound up.
    Lets start with the Paul Daniels illusion, a wonderfull trick but how naff… on a nice big stage, pre set up, no audience checks really but a bloke who gets to wobble the curtains! “NOW THATS MAGIC GIVE UZ SUM ECTOO-PLASUM SPIRIIITS” says paul daniels and a big gulf of fuzzy stuff flys in the air, and curtains wobble and flap and all hell breaks loose and good old Debbie Mcgee isn’t scared as she pretends her trance.

    I didn’t see Paul Daniels bring a living mortal face to face with the voice of their dead relatives, and have that person know it is then, clearly audiably KNOW it is them. From my understanding from people who have attended stewarts group on occasions stewart too has also brought his hands on top the table when the hand comes through, it is a regular happening at his event and a pretty wonderfull one because my understanding is that Walters hand is a pretty large one in comparison to Stu’s.

    Lets move onto the matter through matter, stewart used cable ties for which when fastened have a sitters hand on top. Debbie McGhee has the Gypsie Rope trick nothing to great, stewart has straps around his legs, debbie had a knott of a rope.

    Now to the trumpet phenomina, stewart and his spirit team have trumpets flying around the room above your head at terrific speed and silence, paul Daniels however has a clearly plastic see through screen making a violin wobble along and pretend to play to some pre-recorded music.

    Also to the point made by someone above about “has ectoplasm ever killed” we’ll start with the notable Helen Duncan who I may add had Winston Churchill attending her sittings and gettin information from materialized forms that even his own MoD were unaware of! She was killed during a séance being raded and re raded and re raded and nothing was found to show her ever being a fake, yet again her aoutopsy showed she had fag ends and grit that her ectoplasm had sweeped back into her body after working in horrid conditions of back rooms of pubs. So not only must she have been a fake, she must have loved swallowing dog ends and plastic packets and paper! Add that to the facct that she operate in a lot of light for her materializations.

    Could the skeptics not only do a full demonstration but would they also put themselves under scientific controlled conditions as people like stewart have done in the past and been tested and re tested, would they also do this and achieve the level of agreement from such highly regarded science bodies and such like as:

    Judge JW Edmonds
    Gov Nathaniel Tallmadge
    Professor Augustus De Morgan
    Dr Robber Hare
    Prof James J Mapes
    Alan Kardec
    Dr Alfred Russell Wallace
    Sir William Crookes
    Rex William Stainton
    Sir William Barrett
    Fed WH Myers
    Sir Oliver Lodge
    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
    Dr Rochard Hodgson
    Dr James Hyslop
    Dr William James
    Dr Charles Richet
    Dr Cesare Lombroso
    Dr Hamlin Garland
    Prof William R Newbold
    Dr Carl Wickland
    Rev Charles Drayton Thomas
    Dr Hary Price
    Dr hereward carrington
    Dr Robert Crookall
    Winston Churchill (Priminister)
    Dr Gardnar Murphy
    Elisabeth Kubler-Ross M.D.
    Barbara R Rommer M.D.
    Gary Schwartz Ph.D
    Jon Kilmo Ph.D
    David Fontana Ph.D

    THE LIST GOES ON I CAN NAME ANOTHER 50 if you can agree to be tested with your wonderfull so called “DO IT MYSELF ATTEMPT” by people as inteligent as them??? can our skeptic ceptic friend do this?? i doubt it.

    Then when our skeptic friends have done this i would appreciate iit if you could bring through the voices, audable and clear of my relatives sorry sorry i forgot you wont be able to just get “anybody i want” ok, i’ll bring my 30 verified sitters to your “do it better than stewart seance” and i’ll know them well so you can test it well and i’ll bring a good friend of mine who is studying law as you may need him when you are defrauded for not doing it properly and further ruining the reputation of those who can achieve what you cannot demonstrate in your life.

    Whilst on the subject i would appreciate finding out why in my own home circle that has only been going for 6 months my mind has suddenlt decided to close down and my mouth has suddenly decided to start talking to people and calling myself Monty and then thinks it is someone else, yet i find i cannot remeber such conversations that are last nearly 10 minutes, when only 2 people sit and neither of us are capable of moving without being heard we still have objects move on the table i live well out the way on the otherside, that i personaly see to it that they are perfect as i am nobody’s fool…

    Would the skeptics please debunk the trick?? I’d love to hear it, i think it would be good and I will happily write the book of how you did, but lets remeber we have to make it as beautiful as stewarts.

    Final little bit of advice for you, you should attend before you comment, do you critises ya footy teams performance before seeing the match?? no I bet you don’t!

    Regarding the video footage you so much long for done in night vision, well we’ll go one step further. David Thompson has already and successfully managed to capature “some footage” using a non infared camera so you’ll be happy to hear it, i’m sure it won’t take long before we can give you your wish for good footage,

    In the mean time you must remain patient my little skeptics – it gives you time to perform your wonderfull seance you promise us will be so goood and fake!

    Get over yourselves, before you sit and critise go and read a book, infact go and read the ones by the science bodies i listed, infact go and read the hundreds of them, and get an open mind why you’re there!

    Good bye and may god bless you skeptical souls and give you one day the ability to open your eyes and find good comparisons to use before uttering complete junk!

    Thank you
    Warren James
    Age 26 and a bit (in case your skeptical minds don’t believe i exist)

    PS: Don’t bring up the david copperfield trick unless stewart and all other physical mediums are to start doing erotic movements and dances around their spirit cabinets like he does!

  • Susannah

    March 30th, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    Hello everyone,

    A decade ago, when I was still researching my novel, THE SORCERER’S CONFESSION, I encountered several folks who claimed to be pyschic but were not. I found that what a psychic does, basically, is to read the subconscious mind of the person in front of them. If one agrees with the basic premise that the subconscious mind is composed of mental images of the past containing the energy of past emotions, sights, smells and sounds, then those mental images are composed of mass which can be seen and/or felt or heard. I concluded that re-actions to any given event are simply actions that are programmed from past memories. Furthermore, we humans carry around a multitude of mental pictures, movies, of our past.
    The trick, when it comes to seances, in my humble view, is to distinguish between what is actually happening in the present moment from the mental imagery of the medium and/or the participants. False mediums have been known to be very good at group hypnosis. True mediums do not have their own mental imagery influencing the moment. They are usually surrounded by a crystal clear space. Now, as far as spirits coming through a medium, it’s up to the spirit. Some just communicate clearly to those of us who listen.
    In my novel, my protagonist is a ghost, a very bad guy trying to become a good guy. He is a metaphor for the human condition. His story travels through more than 200 years of his bizarre past. He recounts his life by viewing his mental imagery. While writing the book, I was extremely aware of several voices from outside myself adding their opinions.
    I am now finishing the sequel to THE SORCERER’S CONFESSION and hope to share what secrets I have been given. All things are possible. We all walk our own path to enlightenment, each one unique and wonderful.

  • Ian

    May 19th, 2009 at 3:31 am

    To The Sceptic
    Ok I will start by saying that I am an ex professional magician and have also worked in my professional career as a mindreader/mentalist,so I know about fakery,cold reading,muscle reading and everything else magical!.
    But..I have been on a mystical path since I was 16 (now approaching 50) over 30 years down many roads including spiritualism. I have sat in circles in peoples front rooms where I am sad to say the sitters had been over eager for evidence and the mediums have been deluded and fakes, but before I am hounded let me tell you a story. About six years ago I was invited to attend a physical circle in Brighton, it was held in a converted attic which had been blacked out and had very little room, in fact you could barely stand up without hitting your head. When I first attended (I went twice)I had THE MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! of seeing a table firstly judder slowly, then creep towards me across the floor, before lifting up and spinning an an incredible rate just above the sitters heads. The table had flourescent tabs on top and on the legs so could be clearly seen by all present. As a magician I was looking for trickery and I can state quite catergoricaly that there was none, the table moved so fast, spinning around its axis as it did so that it would have been impossible to have been done by a human agency without smacking someone in the face in the pitch darkness and limited space. At one point it came within inches of my face and stopped in mid air. There was other phenomena, including levitating ping pong balls, a large lump of rock which landed in my lap!, and two small spirit children running around incredibly fast. I went away from the circle contemplating what I had witnessed, going through all the options of why in the dark? did the medium or another sitter move it, but my eyes bore first hand witness to the unexplicable. I can only conclude that when all posible explanations had been considered and excluded that the solution no matter how improbable was the only answer. I am now happy to point out that as a semi sceptic I now sit in a development circle and have experienced many wonderful things including development of my own clairvoyance and mediumship.
    I would defy ANY magician to re-create what I personally experienced in the the same conditions to the point I would put up money as I KNOW it cant be done.

  • Tom Harrison

    July 30th, 2009 at 2:52 am

    I have just re-read these comments about Stewart’s mediumship and am pleased to feel that the skeptics are on the losing side. Until coming to live in Spain 9 years ago, Ann and I were regular members of Stewart’s weekly home circle for many years. We experienced all this wonderful genuine phenomena with the ‘regular’ spirit helpers like White Feather, Christopher, Walter, Freda, Dr.Barnett and others – all in the specially emptied bare room in Ray and June’s home. From my 9 years privileged experience, in the 1940/50s, sitting weekly with my mother Minnie as our medium, (please read my book ‘Life after Death – Living Proof’for a detailed chronicle with photos of ectoplasmic materialisations) I can assure you that Stewart is a genuine physical medium and a very friendly humble fellow to boot. I can’t emphasise that enough and we still look forward to our occasional sittings during our brief visits to the UK.

    We can only add our sincere thanks to the many hundreds of guest sitters, especially over the years at the Cober Hill seminars.
    Never forget the safety of the medium is of paramount importance
    during such sittings.

    Tom Harrison

  • Harley

    November 1st, 2009 at 9:27 pm

    This article raises some interesting questions for inquiring minds.

    Louise Dobson says, “…it is well known that if ectoplasm is exposed to light, it can shoot back into the medium’s body at great speed potentially causing internal bleeding or even death.” However, if you look at this link:


    It purports to be a photograph of William Crookes arm in arm with the materialised spirit of Katie King. The photograph is well lit, although it is difficult to determine whether it was done with flash or ambient light. In any case, in the early days of photography good illumination of a scene was essential to form a good image. And do read the accompanying text: this is supposed to be a materialised spirit that spent two hours walking among the audience and even chatting with them. Other photographs on the site even include what is claimed to be a doctor giving the materialised spirit a medical examination (taking of the “pulse” of the spirit).

    The question therefore is: is light allowed or not? If light is definitely not allowed, then we must conclude that Crookes was either a fraud, or he was seriously deluded. But if he was correct, then total darkness for a séance is not necessary at all, and there is no reason why infrared photography at the very least should not be allowed. So which is it? And if a small red light with extremely limited power can be used at certain key points in the proceedings, there is no excuse at all for disallowing infrared.

    Then again, photographs of séances from the Crookes era commonly show mediums issuing ectoplasm whilst blindfolded. A blindfold, apparently, protects the medium from the light that would cause the ectoplasm to shoot back into his or her body with potentially fatal results, so photography is not a problem. If that is true, then why does the same not apply nowadays? If a simple blindfold allows for light to be used, then there is just no excuse for excluding photography, even with full illumination, in a modern séance. Just like the old days.

    Another thing that I find very suspicious is the fact that attendees not only have to empty their pockets and hand over their personal possessions, which can include jewellery, personal documents, cash, and credit cards, they have to submit to a personal search as well! Only a fool would hand over such items. What could anyone be carrying that could cause any problems – apart from any recording devices? And if the proceedings are above board, why should it matter if a séance is recorded? Presumably Crookes would have used electronic devices if they were available in his day.

    I would suggest that if anyone insists that photography of any kind is not allowed in a séance, then at the very least you should refrain from quoting Crookes and other hundred and more year old sources as reliable. Spirit photography under good illumination during a séance was commonplace then – why not now?

    If it is real, then just record it and show it.

  • Garry Scholey

    April 23rd, 2010 at 7:00 am

    At the end of the day no sceptic will ever convert a believer to thinking in a rational manner. Those who believe that these seances work desperately need to believe that there is life after death. Thats what all this is about.

  • Balloon NJ

    May 11th, 2010 at 9:41 am

    I adore Barbara . What would life be without her! I hope that she is doing well!

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